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Alaska fishing

The Alaska fishing season is slowly getting here.  Alaska’s winters can be harsh and cold but home to some of the most stunning surroundings and events.  While we might be bundled up and not fishing every day, we are out enjoying our winter activities.  These include the world-famous Iditarod dog mushing race, snow machining, skiing, sledding, snow shoeing, and let’s not forget ice fishing!  While winter blankets our state with white snow and the northern lights brighten the dark skies, we are eagerly awaiting our summer!
The land comes alive and the waters break up, giving way to the schools of fish heading upstream.  We start the summer season out with a big bang!  Monstrous king salmon push their way upstream and everyone’s hope is for a king that may break the state record!  If you’re looking to use your upper body strength to reel one of these giants in, this is the time to jump on the boat!  King season continues on into mid summer with the season ending by the first of August.
By mid July the second run of sockeye salmon are usually in the river in big numbers.  From the boat or from shore, sockeye salmon are a fun fighting fish that can really keep you moving all day!  They are a great fish to catch for all ages, and a warm time of the year to fish too!
kenai river sockeye salmon fishing
Fall starts appearing in August, bringing golden leaves and silver salmon!  Silvers are the acrobatic salmon of Alaska’s waters.  Once hooked, silvers provide a battle of strength, will, and quite the show!
If your lucky to visit Alaska in an even year (2014!), your rod will double its chances at getting a fish!  Pink salmon reemerge into the Kenai river during even years and crowd the rivers alongside other salmon during these years.
September arrives with a chill in the air and Alaska is at its most glorious colors!  The hustle and bustle of summer fishing slows down and the calm and serene fall rainbow trout fishing is well upon us.  Rainbows can be caught all season long, however, the best time to catch trophy size trout is in the fall.
There are many other species of fish that are fun and plentiful to catch, such as Dolly Varden and Arctic grayling.  There is always a chance to catch one of these fish, and they are great for the kids to catch too!
If you’ve been to Alaska fishing before and are in need of returning, someone who just needs to get away, or if your new to visiting the beautiful state of Alaska, Drifting On The Fly is your guided fishing service to beautiful surroundings, a great day on the water with great fishing, and lots of stories to remember!  Give us a call to book your favorite date and lock it in today before all the dates are filled!  Booking or questions about fishing or Alaska in general?  Call (907) 382-6808 or send a message to scott@driftingonthefly.com.
25 August 31

Deep Creek Steelhead Fishing Guide




Looking for a Kenai Peninsula Deep Creek steelhead fishing Guide?  We can help you out with a guided trip on this beautiful small river.  We offer 8 hour full day excursions on light tackle or fly rod for Deep Creek.  There are many runs that hold good numbers of fish throughout the fall and this is one of my favorite steelhead streams on the Kenai Peninsula.  Fresh fish push in with each tide in the fall and there are days where multiple fish are caught.  Add a steelhead trip to your Kenai river rainbow trout fishing trip or just pursue steelhead it’s up to you.  There have been falls where I spend over 35 days walking the banks of our local steelhead waters and just the thought of hooking up on one keeps me going back.  It is steelhead fishing and these contrary fish can be difficult at times but when it is on it is on! The season is here and if you are interested in a hard fighting fish that will reward you with long runs, cartwheels and jumps before you bring it to hand, this is your trip.

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King salmon and sockeye salmon combo

King salmon and sockeye salmon combo trips over a couple days can make for an action packed fishing trip. A Father and son booked the boat for 4 days for a Kenai salmon fishing experience. 2 days of king salmon fishing and 2 days of sockeye salmon fishing.







I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the month of July than with Dustin and Jeff (aka Fred). They are a fun group and really appreciated the time they spent with each other.

Ill see you guys next year.

It’s starting to get dark at night now and that only means steelhead, rainbow trout, dolly garden And silver Salmon fishing is right around the corner.


Give us a call and we will get you lined up on your next fishing adventure on the alaska Kenai peninsula.

28 July 0

Kasilof river fishing

Kasilof river fishing for king salmon today has been good. I caught a nice 40 pound fish earlier in the trip and when we got down to meet the incoming tide a flurry of fish hit us head on. We had several take downs landed one and had a fish almost spool us before we got off anchor. The end of the Kenai peninsula king salmon season is shaping up to be very good.




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28 July 0

Alaska fly out fishing

Alaska fly out fishing is one of the best ways to see the state and to get into some of the best fly fishing waters in the world.

Today we fished for arctic grayling in a high mountain setting. The folks caught over a hundred fish with some reaching 16-17 inches. On a 4 weight fly rod with 6x tippet, the larger fish put up an excellent struggle. Some won and some didn’t. All of them were put back unharmed for the next group though!

If you are interest in some of the best grayling fishing that i have found on the fly or light spin give us a call anytime.







Prices vary depending on the length of the flight.

26 July 0

Kasilof river king salmon fishing

Kasilof river king salmon fishing the last two weeks of July can be very exciting. There is little time left to pursue these fish this season but if its on your list for a must do give us a call right away. We will try our best to make it happen.

Yesterday’s bite was a bit slower but we managed to put a few in the cooler for the folks. They were not the biggest kings in the river but they offered a great take down and fight for the guys.



We had this young bill moose cross right in front of us. I saw him coming and had the guys pull there lines or we would have had a moose on!!

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Scott sager

25 July 0

July rainbow trout fishing

July rainbow trout fishing has been excellent on the Kenai river. Fishing Behind all the sockeye anglers has been the ticket here lately. I’ve been running a 9′ leader with flesh or egg patterns and picking up fish through put the day. There is a lot of food in the system now and it should only get better as the season goes on!



Give us a call and we will do our best to put you on a big Kenai river rainbow trout!

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24 July 0

Kasilof king salmon trip

Kasilof king salmon trips are a great way to spend a day on your Alaska vacation. Today we are sitting on the incoming tide gimping for a good push of fish to show up! We were able to pick one nice fish up on our way down today and are lolling for 3 more.



24 July 0

July sockeye salmon fishing

The Kenai river July sockeye salmon fishing season has been a blast. We already have over 800,000 fish in the Kenai River And the limit has increased to six fish per person. Fishing should continue to be good until The middle of August








Fishing on the Kenai River doesn’t get much better and the weather this year has been as good as I Have ever seen it. For booking information please call 907-382-6808

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22 July 0

Resurrection bay fly fishing

Resurrection bay fly fishing when the silver salmon are in is a great way to spend a day in Alaska. No wind and 75 degrees is a recipe for a great day on the salt.

I was throwing a Jim teeny super magnum sinking line and was able to entice a lot of silver salmon to take the fly.



Many other species were caught on bait and tackle but whenever I can entice a fish to take the fly it makes the day so much sweeter! Fly fishing or just fishing trips are available and we are happy to Getty lined up.

Give us a call at 907-382-6808 or email is from here on the sight.