Sunglasses, a packed lunch, rain gear, and waders if you have them. If we need them, I can supply chest waders for you. Fishing license and king salmon stamp if applicable.
Yes we will have all gear and tackle on board.
Any store along the Kenai Penninsula should have fishing license and king salmon stamps but I recommend buying them online at http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/
Nature and timing of course dictate if we see wildlife. On any given day we may see eagles, seals, moose, caribou, dall sheep, mountain goats, black bears, brown bears. Always have your camera near by for these opportunities!
Temperature (F°) Standard Deviation
January 24.8 5.9
February 26.3 5.2
March 30.5 3.7
April 37.0 2.5
May 44.1 2.2
June 50.9 1.9
July 55.2 1.4
August 54.6 1.4
September 48.3 1.6
October 38.7 2.1
November 30.3 3.9
December 26.8 4.5
Ask your guide while fishing. We offer all mounts of fish in fiberglass reproductions.
A good quality raincoat is a necessity in Alaska. It is highly likely you will encounter rain at some point if you visit Alaska for more than a day or two. Below you will find the average precipitation for Southcentral Alaska.

Precipitation (in) Standard Deviation
January 8.90 4.81
February 7.10 3.57
March 6.12 2.73
April 6.35 2.43
May 6.15 2.81
June 4.38 1.73
July 4.72 1.62
August 7.67 3.40
September 12.06 4.57
October 12.01 3.80
November 8.76 5.20
December 10.27 5.24
Annual 94.49 14.84
4wt – Great for small stream fishing with nymphs, eggs and small nymphs and streamers. Dolly Varden,Rainbow Trout and Grayling.

6wt – Great all around line size for Rainbow Trout and Dollies. It will handle many of the situations commonly encountered while fishing for these fish on small or large streams. If you are rainbow fishing and only want to bring one fly rod, this is the size you want.

7wt – Large Streamers and or sinking lines for Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden and Sockeye Salmon.

8wt – Okay for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden but a lot of rod for the size flies we typically use for these fish. This is my preferred line size for Silver Salmon.

9wt- Good rod for small Kings Salmon and Silver Salmon.

10-12wt- Great King Salmon rod!