Drifting on the Fly Blog

So you’ve been thinking about coming to Alaska or you’ve started planning a trip to Alaska…..but… you have some questions about fishing, area features, or ….well… anything Alaska!  Give us a call or email to chat!  We’ll do our best to answer your questions or “guide” you in the right direction.  We’ve been helping clients figure out when the best time to come to Alaska is for the fish species they desire.  Your guide will instruct you how to fish (if you need instruction!), what the bite or take-down will feel/look like, provide the necessary gear (if you choose not to use your own), and get you some epic memories of those fish you land and reel in!

Alaska is stunning all year round, but especially wonderful in the summer time!  Temperatures are just right, colors are brilliant all around you, and the good times will be had!  Call us today to find out more and book your dates! (907) 382-6808 or .  We cant wait to see you up here in Alaska….our playground!