Felt Sole Ban

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Felt sole ban on wading boot  in Alaska is a good move!

In 2012 Alaska went to a felt sole ban policy. While planning your trip to Alaska if you want to bring waders along make sure you remember to take this into account.


Rubber sole wading boot have come a long way and should provide plenty of traction and you will not have to worry about bringing in any exotic species to any of our systems. I do highly recommend that you still rinse your boots off after each day of fishing if you plan on fishing different water systems while you are on your trip.


I ask that if you book with me that you please do not wear studded boots while fishing out of my boats. Bring them along for any shore fishing that we may do but they do tear up the aluminum flooring in our boats. Give us a call and we can get you lined up for a great day of fishing on the Kenai river.

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