Kasilof river boat launch

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The kasilof River boat launch is where we will meet for a day of King salmon, Silver salmon or steel head fishing on the Kasilof river.  Parking our drift boats at the kasilof river boat launch can be a tricky job during the busy season.  Drift boat fishing is a relaxing, quiet and productive Way to pursue king salmon.


When arriving at the Kasilof river boat launch make sure you make your way to the river and find you guide as soon as your ready.  I can get a little congested during the fishing season with limited room to park your boat.  I will give you my drift boat number which is 607, the boat number is a very easy way to find the guide your looking for.  Most guides at the Kasilof river boat launch are friendly and willing to help you find the boat that you are looking for.  Fortunately the amount of boats at the Kasilof river boat launch is no wheres near as many as launching out of the kenai river so the search will not take to long to get into the right boat.

Tight Lines and give us a call at 907-382-6808 to book your next Kasilof river king salmon trip

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