Kenai mountains

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This is a very easy ridge to follow for now. Hiking off tail in the Kenai mountains you have to be careful not to get into a place you can’t get out of.  This ridge (mountain) rolls very nice and there are no razor edges but with fog and weather coming in like it is I will hunker down and wait for better weather in the morning.


A view from on top of a gorgeous peak in Kenai Mountains.  When I woke up the next day a band of Dall sheep were strung out across the ridge line.  They are the main reason I am here but I can’t think of a better place to spend a few days by myself.  The country is rugged and it definitely test all the skills that one has doing it by yourself.  Hiking in Alaska can mean multiple days, so make sure you plan on having all the gear you need or think you might need to be prepared for anything.  Water filter or drops, first aid kit, shelter and adequate clothing will be the difference in life and death if you get into a bad situation.

Tight lines
Scott Sager

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