Kenai peninsula fly fishing trip

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anchor river, alaska

When on a Kenai peninsula fly fishing trip on small rivers for King Salmon  make sure that you try to spend most of your time in a run that will concentrate fish.  These fish are moving upstream with the tide so moving around the stream can just waste time.  Getting out there ahead of high tide and hang out until the outgoing, this can be the most productive time. Good runs are popular during the peak of the season so staking out your sweet spot in advance is very important.

fly fishing the anchor river, alaska

The Anchor river can be a very productive fishery but for those early season king salmon you may have to put your time in.  Be patient and maybe you’ll pick up a mid May fish on the Kenai Peninsula! I have seen days where we get a good push of fish that each angler hooks multiple fish.  Once you have decided to harvest a fish you must quit fishing.  If you choose to practice catch and release you can fish as long as you would like.


For more information on a guided king salmon trip on the kenai river or surrounding water contact us here anytime.

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