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Tying marabou flies for silver salmon,

Spinning marabou can be very productive and fast way to tie flies for Salmon, Rainbow trout, steel head and many other species that take leeches and bait fish.  Tying them yourself allows you to get the specific colors that you want and experiment with other color schemes. Start with the hook size of choice and your marabou of choice.  I chose fuchsia and black for this fly.  This color scheme fishes good for steel head, silvers, pinks, and chum for me.  Marabou flies are easy to tie once you understand the basics.

-tie on your thread and work back to the shank of the hook.

-always Tie in  marabou tip first for this fly, leaving the thick stem exposed to wrap with.


Wrap forward and tight on the shank with the marabou.  It is best to pull the feathers back with your left hand while you wrap.  This will keep you from hiding them in the body of the fly and fouling on the tip of the hook.

Repeat this until you reach the front of the hook and then tie off your thread.


If you have any questions about spinning marabou feel free to contact me at
Good luck and watch for more tips in the coming months.

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