Seward Alaska hiking

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I took off on a 3 day trip to Seward Alaska hiking a few days ago.  The alpine trail is just a 30 minute boat ride away from the harbor. You can charter a transporter by boat to get you there or if the tides are right you can also hike the shore line around.  It is a 6 mile loop system that takes you into the higher elevations and back around to where you started or you can take the trail to the top of the mountain.  Seward Alaska has a lot to offer from fishing, sight seeing, glacier tours, hiking and many other things.  When your on a trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula I highly recommend taking time to make Seward one of your stops.

Here are a few pictures of the scenic trip.



This is where we made camp in the High country.  Picking a spot with a good water source is key if you plan on staying for anytime at all.




I don’t do enough hiking and every time I start a climb I mumble to myself why am I doing this but it is definitely worth is when you wake up to a view like this.

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