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Simms fishing products are always a great purchase and last for a long time.  I have abused many of there products in 17 years of taking people fishing and still depend on their products today.

Making good use of another Simms fishing products,  The workbench bottle opener comes in handy in the evening while washing my boats and getting gear together for the next day of fishing! A beer or two from the Alaska brewing company is wonderful after a day of rainbow trout fishing  Kenai river.



Prepping gear and making sure that you have a clean boat at the start of the day is a very important part of my job.  After a long day on the river there is still many hours of work to do for the next days fishing trip.  I often say that promising fish is a disaster waiting to happen but promising a clean boat, top of the line gear and an ambition to find fish will make the day come together.


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