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Taking a couple day break to go do some hiking and camping in the Kenai mountains. One thing that I have to depend on in the back country of Alaska is my clothing. I put my life on the line with Sitka clothing and gear. I’ll be gone on a solo trip for 5 days with only my pack and of course my fly rod!! I’ll post some picture from along the way. There will not be a trail to tell you where I’m going.

I Will have cell service until Thursday morning at 7 am. Then I should Gain it back on Monday after 5 pm. Have fun and always be safe.

Check us out at if you are interested in a back country trip in Alaska!



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I wore sitka’s storm front gore tex on this trip into the high country of Utah for 7 days and stayed comfortable.  Good clothing can be the difference in a successful memorable trip and a miserable trip that you’d like to forget.  If you’re ready to invest in some great clothing be sure to check out sitka.  I don’t have anything bad to say about the product.

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