Sterling Alaska to Seward alaska

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I took a few pictures this morning of the drive from Sterling Alaska to Seward Alaska. It’s about a 75 mile trip each way. I’m up early this morning again to go on a saltwater halibut and silver salmon fishing trip with some local clients. This is a rare opportunity for me with the fishing schedule I have on the Kenai River.


A view on the Sterling Highway at dawn looking towards Cooper Landing.



This is on the Seward Highway just outside of Moose pass headed towards seward.




Fireweed growing beside the seward highway.


Road construction at Ptarmigan creek just outside of moose pass slowed us up a little this morning.  I always leave at least a half hour early to allow for construction in Alaska.  You can bet with the short season to work on the roads that you will run into some construction at some point on your trip.




Enjoy and you will not be able to help from seeing beautiful sites like these along the route from sterling Alaska to Seward Alaska

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