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Tying flies for Alaska fishing trips:

Tying articulated patterns is time consuming but well worth it when you see the action these flies will give you in the water.

Before you connect the back hook to the front hook try adding a couple of beads on to the line. We chose a 4 mil. glass bead for this pattern. This will hide the line, add weight to the fly and help keep sharp teeth from fraying the line.


After you add 2,3,4,5 beads (whatever spacing that you are happy with), you can then connect it to the front hook. Adding beads isn’t necessary but I like to add them for just a little extra weight sometimes.


Articulated leeches work great on Kenai river at times for rainbow trout and salmon. Give them a try and I think you will find they are worth the time to tie. I like a variety of colors in my fly box but black, olive, and brown seem to be the go to colors of choice.

Booking guide trips on the kenai river is easy.  just give us a call and we will hook you up

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