Winter Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing

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A few things to keep in mind for Winter Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing.

1, watch the weather patterns and fronts that are moving through.  If it is calling for a high of 30 degrees it is probably going to be warm enough to keep the ice off the guides for a few hours.

2, fish slow and thorough concentrating in good, producing runs.  Fish will concentrate and follow the food source.

3, stay warm,  Slow down and take the time to keep yourself warm.  Sometimes I find myself wade fishing too long and needing more time to warm up.

4, be smart,  carry extra cloths, first aid kit, extra hand warmers and lots of extra gloves.  Wet hands  will make your whole body cold, try a hook and release tool to keep your hands dry.

Remember that removing fish from the water in below freezing temperatures will freeze there gills almost immediately.  I know that I have been bad for this in years past like many folks but it is something that is very important and is our responsibility in helping protect our resource.

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Tight lines,

Scott Sager

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