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silver salmon fishing

Fly tying for Alaska silver salmon fishing is a great way to pass the cold winter months.  Filling your fly boxes in the winter can save you lots of time when the bite is on.  There is nothing that can slow a great day of fishing down more than running out of your favorite pattern.  I start with silver salmon flies first.  After I get my bead boxes back in good shape, tying bright, flashy, big patterns keeps me interested and motivated.  Articulated flies are always good to have in your box.  Purple, Dark brown, chartreuse, pink and black are all good colors to start with when you are filling your box.  There are many new materials available to us for fly tying and coming up with your own variations of fly’s is always fun.  It is also more rewarding to me when I catch a fish on a fly that I have put together.  Give it a try if you haven’t already and I would be happy to give any advice that I can.  Give us a call and we can talk about patterns that you might need for your next fishing trip to Alaska.


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