Alaska Top Water Rainbow Trout Fishing


Alaska rainbow trout fishing


Under the right conditions and timing you can find some great Alaska top water rainbow trout fishing.  From Dry flies in small streams and lakes to big mouse patterns on the Kenai and other rivers in the state.  June proves to be a good month on the Kenai Peninsula for this and I have some great streams in other parts of the state that can provide top water rainbow trout fishing.

It is my goal to explore at least one new river every year. This year we chose Lake Creek to see if it was worth adding to the arsenal.  At the begining of the trip we were able to get plenty of rainbows taking mouse patterns which made the trip worth while right then and there. We had high muddy water for the whole trip and still the river produced a good number of rainbow trout, grayling, and silver salmon .  On our 60 mile adventure through white water, rocks and canyons. We found ourselves thinking that we need to show this to you.


If you are interested in a 6 day 5 night back country float I think we found a great adventure for you!  I can put this Alaska guide trip together and work closely with you to build a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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