Guided Kenai river trout fishing


Taking a guided kenai river trout fishing trip will improve your odds of landing that fish of a lifetime.  We spend a lot of days chasing rainbow trout here in Alaska ever year and the Kenai river offers some of the best road accessible trout fishing in the world.  You can go on a do it yourself fishing trip on this system and have a great time but to have someone that fish’s it every day and also has the means of transportation is worth it’s weight in gold.  We can fish the Upper, Middle and lower kenai river with our boats.  Depending on the time of year will determine where we fish.  If you have a section of river already on your mind give us a call so we can schedule your trip in the most productive times of year.

Drifting On The Fly, LLC

Rainbow trout and dolly varden fishing on the kenai river continues to get better ever day.  It is easy to book a guided kenai river trout fishing trip, just give us a call and we will hook you up.  We work hard to keep our anglers on fish and will coach you into the right presentation that will keep them on the line for you.  Not every fish is landed but if that were the case there would be no since in going. Come see if you are one of the lucky ones to land a 30 inch rainbow trout on a guided kenai river fishing trip!


This is one of the better photos of today’s guided trip.

Tight lines.
scott sager

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