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Anchor river king salmon fishing can be crowded so I prefer to fish in the middle of the night.  Most anglers are in camp or limited out for the days fishing and that’s when I head out onto the water.  Fishing on the Kenai peninsula often means that you will be near other anglers while you are on the stream.  If someone hooks up and is fighting a fish, it is common courtesy that you take your line out of the water and allow them to land their fish.  Be sure to give them room and not to crowd in while they are releasing the fish or moving back into position.  I’ve found that it doesn’t take long to get to know people on the river and for the most part everyone is willing to work together.  Help in doing your part in keeping the streams a positive place for everyone.

Anchor River, King fishing

Fishing for King Salmon in the spring is popular on the Kenai Penisula.

hooked up

And this is why!  Sometimes the fishing can be so hot that multiple people are hooked up at the same time.  When this happens, good luck and remember to do your best to keep others in mind.  Give us a call today to line up your next kenai river guide trip or to get away a back country fishing guide trip.

Tight lines and have fun,

Scott Sager

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