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Fly fishing for king salmon today and Larry Tumblin hooked up to what turned out to be a 35 lb. King Salmon this Summer. 10 wt. fly rods and sinking lines and heavy leaders did the trick. What was the fly? Stay tuned – I will show you how to tie it this fall, once things slow down.

Fly fishing for king salmon can be one of the most frustrating things to do or it can be fast and furious.  We have spent a few days in search of  king salmon on the fly for a special group from the east coast and finally hit the sweet spot.  The guys have hooked up on quit a few fish but the fish haven’t been playing very fair.  I like to use a 10 weight or bigger for king salmon and more times than not I wish I had a 12 weight.  The fly’s are big and the lines are heavy.  A heavier rod makes for a more comfortable days fishing and when you do have a 35+ pound fish on it gives you that much more back bone to get the fish to shore.  for more information about our alaska fishing guide service contact us here: Contact

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