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Guided Kasilof river King salmon fishing is officially over on the Kenai peninsula now.   The end of July marks the end of King salmon fishing on the Kenai peninsula.  Though it was a great season we are now geared up and focused on Silver Salmon, Sockeye salmon and rainbow trout fishing now.

I had the pleasure of fishing with my family on the last day of King salmon season and this 53″ Buck took an orange spin and gloe with some cured salmon eggs.  We ended up landing this fish more than a mile from where it was hooked!! This is a very large King salmon caught on the Kasilof river and everyone is very proud of it.  Our boat has been fishing good and this is a great way to end the King salmon season here in Alaska.


Though king fishing season is over look for more pictures and info about king fishing with us in the future from us.   The  season is really not that far away so if you are interested in a prime date be sure to book early. The last three weeks in July on the Kenai Peninsula seem to book faster and faster each year. Guided kasilof or Kenai river King salmon fishing can be a great experience like my family had when you are with a guide that takes pride in his job

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