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If you are looking for a good, dependable, and knowledgeable Kasilof river guide, look no further! I have spent many days through out the last 8 years studying and fishing the Kasilof river.  We will put you in the best runs that we can and give you the best opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.  King Salmon on the Kasilof river can be a challenge to catch but with some patients and good coaching I am confident that you will have a successful trip.

This week proved to be another good week for the Kasilof River for King Salmon fishing.  The Dewey family did some back trolling out of the drift boat on Monday with me and this fish flat out smoked us.  It hit a smaller pink cheater with a little glob of cured eggs.  The river has finally come up to normal level and we have had to start fishing with size 40 jet divers.  This kasilof river is mainly a terminal gear fishery but it is still a drift boat only river which makes for a relaxing day.

Congrats to Eric and Kelly we wish you two the best and good luck with the upcoming wedding.

thanks guys and see you next year

Scott Sager with www.driftingonthefly.com

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