Kasilof river king salmon

Drifting on the Fly ALASKSA AND KENAI RIVER SALMON FISHING Leave a Comment

Guided Kasilof river King Salmon fishing can pay off at the end of the day. We take care of everything and will work very hard to put you on fish.   Today proved to be a little tougher on the river but persistence payed off! The goal was to get a couple of Kasilof River King Salmon and on the last couple drifts we got them back to back.


This is Kristi’s first King salmon!  It is a smaller fish but none to less she was happy to have caught it.  First run King salmon will very in size from 10-30 pounds.



Good job girls, Mission accomplished!  I have fished all day before and in the last few minutes of the trip seen everyone catch a fish like we did today.  I know it is Alaska but it is still fishing and patients payed off for this group today.


Plugs seem to be working very well in tidal water right now.

Give us a call 907382608 or contact us here to book your next kasilof River king salmon guide trip. Only 25 more days until it is all over!

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