Kasilof silver salmon fishing

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We were on the kasilof river silver salmon fishing this morning. Back trolling plugs and cured eggs trying to get in front a good push of fish.   A change in the weather from yesterday for sure. Bright sunny skies have us wearing sun scream in layers instead of rain jackets!! It’s a ladies trip today and they are a riot! We’ve caught a few silver salmon and a lot of pink salmon.
A few more hours are left in the day to bring in a limit for the girls. I hope it happens for them.



This chrome bright silver salmon put on a real show for us.  It cart wheeled 4 times before coming into the net.  Silver salmon are the number one choice for many anglers.  The ladies have been coming to alaska for many years and prefer the fishing for the silver over any other species of salmon that they have fished for.  I have to say whatever I am fishing for at the moment tends to be my favorite fish to pursue?  I enjoy meeting new people and fishing, it’s the perfect job.

If you would like to give the Kasilof river a shot for silver salmon give us a call or contact us through the site and we will hook you up!


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