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A popular Kenai river guide trip is for Sockeye Salmon,
We offer many fishing opportunities in July and August for sockeye salmon.  Some of the best gravel bars are accessible on the middle kenai river.  We fish here almost exclusively during the peak of the sockeye salmon runs. We look for the Sockeye salmon fishing to pick up in the next few days also. Usually by July 14th the fishing is very good.  Limits are 3 per person a day until the escapement is reached and then it is usually bumped up to 6 per person!

Second run king salmon are here.  Fish have been showing up in good numbers now and you should be able to snatch on to a king if you put the time in.  Both the Kenai and Kasilof have fished well for me the last couple of days.  Quick fish worked best on the Kenai river and Spin and glows with a glob of eggs have been best on the Kasilof river for us.

If you are interested in a King salmon guide trip  or sockeye salmon guide trip on the Kenai river or Kasilof river feel free to contact me at

Thanks and good fishing

Scott Sager

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