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Drifting on the Fly ALASKSA AND KENAI RIVER SALMON FISHING Leave a Comment

Another beautiful day fishing for sockeye salmon on the Kenai river, If the days continue to be this nice I’ll think I’m some where else other than Alaska. The weather has been great and so has the kenai river Salmon fishing! We had our fish in less than an hour yesterday and then moved on to rainbow trout fishing. After we are finished salmon fishing I will clean your fish for you on the river.  By doing this on the river we offer food back into the system for other species and that way I know you get the most out of your harvest.  The rainbow trout and dolly Varden fishing was a little slower but with some work we found a concentration of fish and managed to pull the day of successful.


With so many sockeye in the river I believe that it Freaks the rainbow trout out for a few days. Now there are enough carcasses in the river that the trout should start to really key in on them! In a few days though a fresh flesh fly will do very well just down stream of the sockeye salmon anglers.  If there is time after a Kenai river salmon trip we are happy to make a few drifts for you to try and catch some rainbow trout if you would like.

Tight lines
Scott Sager

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