Kenai river silver salmon fishing

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Kenai river silver salmon fishing this morning. I truly love all fishing in Alaska but silver salmon have to be among the top of the list for many reasons.  They are a very aggressive fish under most circumstances and do put on a show once they are hooked.  I prefer to cast flies for them but many other techniques work as well.  You can catch silver salmon on spinners, hard plastic baits, bait and we have taken them on top water as well.

This big Kenai river silver salmon was caught on a chrome hard plastic bait back trolling on the lower kenai river this morning.


Using rubber gloves helps keep scent off my lures and baits while I get them ready to fish.  I know scent washes off fast in the current but any edge I can give you on your kenai river silver salmon fishing trip I will try.



Drifting on the fly’s boat dog Tok getting some love while we wait on the next bite.  Tok doesn’t get to fish as much as he wants but when requested he loads up with enthusiasm every time.  Days we dedicate to back trolling are good days for him to hang out on the river with us.



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