Kenai river sockeye salmon fishing

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I was able to get on the same gravel bar today that I had yesterday and managed to scrape together my two limits. Kenai river Sockeye salmon fishing is still spotty but fish are passing up river in small spurts. Hard work and determination will pay off at the end of the day with a limit of reds (sockeye salmon). Look for better pushes of fish in the next few days.


When the numbers of fish are just starting to show up I prefer to move lower in the system and find a hard bend in the river.  Usually with a hard bend in the river there tends to be a back Eddie and fish will hold up there.  Get right above the Eddie in faster water and wait for fish to push by.  This has payed off for me many times.

Yesterday’s Kenai river red run estimate was 6500 fish for a total of 56,000 fish so far. When I’m not chasing king salmon, I am chasing reds in July. If you have any interest in a trip for either of these salmon give us a call at 907-382-6808 or check us out on the website at

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