Kenai river sockeye salmon

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Getting set up and read to fish for Kenai river sockeye salmon this morning! The boat parking on this gravel bar allows us to have our gear close by and access the boat for a break when needed.  Current and depth play a real factor when choosing a spot to fish for kenai river sockeye salmon.  Adjust your weight so that your fly is barely off the bottom.  A 4-6 foot leader is very important as well, any shorter and you will not be covering the water that is needed.  Sockeye salmon have to be hooked in the mouth so any fish that is not has to be released immediately.  It is hard work some days and a foul hooked fish is tempting but understand that it is not worth it.

The Kenai river sockeye salmon (reds) run is getting better every day. The last two days in a row 12,000 fish have entered the river for a total of over 70,000 fish.

Book your kenai river sockeye salmon trip with Drifting on the Fly by calling or contacting us here on the site.  If we do not answer leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we get off the water.

Tight lines
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