Lower Kenai river silver salmon fishing

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Lower Kenai river silver salmon fishing has it’s rewards. The tides are not bringing a ton of fish in right now but we are putting a few in the boat. I look for fishing to improve any day for the second run of cohoe!  I enjoy fishing the lower Kenai river for silver salmon and this is where you will have the best opportunity to find the freshest fish.  Here we usually back troll quick fish or cured row and when the tide turns we will bounce lead off the bottom with a small spin and glow and eggs.  We call this back bouncing and it is a very effective way to entice cohoe into biting although I have seen flies out fish bait in this section quit a few times.  Hooking a fish close to the boat while back bouncing will be as much of an adrenaline rush as landing it!  Many times when you are bouncing eggs you will only be fishing in 3 feet of water.  Sitting on the lower kenai river silver salmon fishing is peaceful and generally there are not as many people out as there is during king salmon season.



The silver salmon of the day weighed in on the boga grip at 15 pounds. This is a very good silver salmon

Tight lines
Scott Sager
Drifting on the fly


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