Silver Salmon Fly Fishing

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When I think of Salmon on the fly rod I think Silver Salmon fly fishing.  The fishing typically gets good by mid to late July on some of our fly out fishing and mid Aug. to the end of Oct. on the Kenai peninsula and the kenai river.  In the right conditions silver salmon will take the fly very aggressively.  I’ve even had many opportunities to take these fish on top water.  Bunny flies, articulated flies, marabou flies, leaches, spoon flies, etc. are just a few patterns that will work well for these fish.  I find a slow strip in slow water or swinging your flies in faster water draw the most strikes.  I prefer a strip set or scissor strike to set the hook.  This way if you miss the fish you don’t pull the streamer out of the strike zone and often the fish will come back to give you a second chance.  If you are fishing from a boat make sure you fish the fly all the way back to the boat.  I see fish chasing all the way to the boat for a last chance strike.

If you are interested in matching your skills with these fish make sure you contact me at and we’ll get you lined up on a alaska fishing guide tip.

Thanks and tight lines
Scott Sager
Drifting On The Fly, LLC

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