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Sockeye Salmon fishing on the Kenai river can be very productive.   Today we are lower in the With almost 1.5 million sockeye salmon that have entered this year the fish are not to hard to find. Now we may start to see a few that are starting to turn but there are still plenty of chrome fish available.

It didn’t take this group but a couple hours of sockeye salmon fishing and they have their bag limit. When you have the feel for hooking sockeye salmon they can be easy to catch and coming by in Good numbers Coming by also helps!

Rainbow trout and silver salmon season are now upon us. I look forward to this time of year! Personally I don’t think it gets any better.


If you plan on keeping some sockeye salmon make sure you keep them cool and out of the sun.  Keeping your fish on a stringer does this and it also washes most of the blood out of the fish making them all eat much better.  Bleeding your fish is the single most important thing to do once you have harvested it.  You can bleed your fish by cutting each side of the gills.  Harvesting salmon is part of fishing in Alaska and though we do plenty of catch and release.  Make sure that at the beginning of the day you let us know if you are planning on a day of catch and release or if you would like to harvest a few fish to take home.  Depending on the regulation and the bite we will do our best to provide a quality day on the river for you.

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