Timing your Kenai River Fishing Trip

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Timing your Kenai River fishing trip depends on the species that you primarily want to pursue make sure.  For instance if you would like to go after Kenai river sockeye salmon you would want to book you guided trip with us in late July or early august.  There are overlapping peak dates for multiple species as well.  Like king salmon and a sockeye salmon trip can both be booked during the peak season for both species.  This would happen at the end of July.  These dates go fast so book early to insure that you get the dates that you are interested in.


A Tip for Netting a sockeye salmon on the kenai river.  Always net a fish by head first.  This way you have the whole fish in the net and if it makes another run it will run into the net or swim out without pulling the hook. If you aren’t interested in netting your own sockeye salmon feel free to give our kenai river guide service a call anytime.  We will do our best to put every legal fish on the bank for you!

Hope this helps and good fishing

Scott Sager

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